We buy precious metal items:

  • gold items
  • silver items
  •  platinum items
  •  palladium esemeid

We also purchase broken items containing precious metals.

We purchase gold or silver scrap without hallmarks by the prices established as lowest hallmarks in the table.

The prices of precious metal content in platinum and palladium scrap are negotiable.

We weigh gold, platinum and palladium scrap with precision of 0.01 g.

We weigh silver scrap with precision of 0.1 g.

Upon selling hollow items, jewellery and prostheses made from precious metals , all elements not made from precious metal need to be removed.

We do not purchase metals that were not mentioned in the previous list. Jewellery stones, including precious and semi-precious stones. We recommend offering stones directly to goldsmiths.

Services and prices


Buying-in service fee 1,00
Cleaning dental prostheses (price per tooth)

(if possible, we recommend bringing in cleaned gold)

Testing purity with the acid method

(per item if not sold)